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Welcome to our farm

We warmly welcome you to our farm Røhne nedre. In the heart of the beautiful cultural landscape around lake Mjøsa, we offer you a visit including both cultural history with a taste of how Norwegian people lived in the old days and modern farming.


A few years back, it was discovered that the old main building – dating back to the 17 th century – had kept a secret within its walls: old paintings depicting the life of the French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. These paintings from 1850 have been carefully restored.

The farm is located close to Hamar, 90 kilometres from Gardermoen airport, 124 kilometres from Oslo. You can easily reach the farm by train or bus/car.

What to experience?

You are welcome to explore the old wall paintings, enjoy a good meal, relax in the garden, feel the silence and experience the Nordic light. 

We also have a brewery located at the farm. Around 12 different beers are produced. All with local names. You are welcome to join a beer tasting. Minimum size of group is 10 people. Of course, we serve beer produced in Røhne brewery with our meals.

We can also show you the modern part of the farm. We produce cereals and oilseed on 70 hectare and in the chicken house we raise 160 000 chickens a year. This is our main production.

We will help you creating experiences for your group. The size of the group can be 10-50 people .

Contact us

You are welcome to contact us to find out more about the adventures we can offer you. We will be happy to answer your questions, and we look forward to offering you a memorable stay in our region.

Mobile: +47 96 22 72 15 


Karoline Finstad Vold and Erling Vold, Jernbanegata 287, 2335 Stange, Norway

Karoline foto Ann Kristin Engebakken Inkognito AS (7)_edited_edited.jpg

Karoline tells you the story of the murals in which Napoleon`s funeral is painted.

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